Saturday, 28 June 2014


Customers CB750K4

This 1974 CB750 has been a long term project. Bike was presented running, but after a cylinder compression test we found number two cylinder well down on compression.

Motor top end has been removed and we have inspected and measured all bores and have carried out honing on all pots. Cylinder head is in good condition including valve guides, however we have down a valve grind and replaced all valve guide seals.

Two of the cylinder inlet ports were cracked so they were removed and new ports have been turned up on the lathe and cemented back into the cylinder head. Once the cement dried we carried out a fine port and polish.

Front forks were rusted into steering head, so we have refurbished both forks. New inner tubes, new triple lipped oil seals and fork oil. The forks have been slightly modified to suit the customers weight and riding style.

New Inner Tubes

Lower outer fork legs sanded and polished

Fork oil weight and height modified for customer

Lower fork axle caps checked for cracks
The outer lower fork legs have been sanded and polished.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Honda CB750K2

Honda CB750K2 - Start of restoration
We have decided to restore this motorcycle back to its original factory condition, well nearly. Initially we were going to "café race" it but the bike is in excellent condition, so why not spend the extra time and money returning it back to its glorious factory condition.

So Far the fuel tank and side covers have been stripped of all paint cleaned and painted back to the original colour scheme. Fuel tank internally has been completely cleaned and rust proofed. New reproduction badges for the tank and side covers have been installed.

Ignition system has been improved. We have removed the old decaying coils and ignition spark plug leads as well as the points. In is place we have Dyna S electronic pickup and Dynatek 3 ohm coils matched perfectly with leads and end caps. Set the ignition timing and never have to touch again. Switch on the ignition key, small amount of chock, hit the starter button and instant start - love it.

The air box baffles have been replaced as well as a new air filter.

To come:

  • Refurbish front forks
  • Replace front brake master cylinder with reproduction item
  • Renew rear fender
  • Renew all indicators and stalks
  • New headlight body
  • New instrument light panel
  • Refurbish Speedo and Tacho
  • Refurbish carbies. Update all internals
  • Replace rear shocks with up market units
  • Polish all engine covers
  • Replace handlebars
and much more..................

Saturday, 1 February 2014

New projects for 2014

Classic Motorcycle Shed has taken on a few new projects for 2014. Our own 1979 Honda CBX1000Z is in the process of having a substantial suspension and tyre upgrade.

The suspension and tyres of this era are definitely not up to today's high standards. We will be fitting Ikon rear shocks with higher spring rates and much better variable dampening. These shock look the same as the originals so we will maintain the original retro look. Front shocks will be highly modified internally with Race Tech Gold valves, stiffer springs and much better oil. The external appearance will remain the same.

This combination of modifications plus modern Pirelli tyres will provide a much better handling bike and a more confident feel for the rider.

As we get the parts I will photograph some of the steps taken carrying out these modifications, so keep posted.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Ben, has done quite of bit of work for me.  He has done a great job and it has been fun dealing with him.  Ben is always up for a chat and a laugh.  I never leave without learning a few useful things about my bikes and I can highly recommend him and the Classic Motorcycle Shed.

Gaston Vanzet 

Ben, just a quick note to say thanks for the work you did on my Z1000. I'm riding it weekly for an hour or so and it's running beautifully, starting instantly and with no surging once warm. Oil leaks have ceased, although the fuel tap still leaks a bit.

I'm following your advice by adding a small amount of Wynns Injector Cleaner with each tankful. Also revving it to ~7500rpm for 20-30secs (in 2nd !) on each run, which sounds awesome. Not sure the locals agree.

The solid rear disc looks great and has restored braking performance to the OEM pathetic level.

It's a happy camper and so am I.

Peter Doonan

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

TYRES - a wide range

Off road, street, touring or track the Classic Motorcycle Shed can supply and fit a wide range of tyres to suit a wide range of motorcycles, modern or classic.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Motorcycle race bike preparation specialist

Although Ben loves classic motorcycles, he has spent a life time racing, servicing and repairing modern motorcycles. As a consequence he has learnt the tricks of the trade and can get the very best out of any customers motorcycle. 

Race bike setup is one of those areas which relies on years of experience and requires special skills and modern computerized equipment for fuel injected machinery.

Suspension setup, tyres and engine management, it is basically a matter of balance and budget. For many years Ben built, maintained and repaired the fleet of  Triumphs and  Suzuki's used by the a world renowned Australian/California Superbike School.

The TL1000R below is a 1998 model. The handling of these bikes are well below standard for the road let alone the race track. So even before we modify engine performance we upgrading the suspension and the basic geometry setup of the bike, taking into account the riders weight and racing ability.

Once this is done we then modify engine performance. Very good tuning can make a huge difference in engine performance. Getting valve clearances and throttle bodies balanced is a good start. Fuel mapping is an absolute necessity and is achieved by the addition of aftermarket devices like Power Commander or Dobeck TFI. These devices can be programmed to suit the racing application for each race track and its conditions on the day of racing.

Obviously many other modifications can be done, all is related to your personal budget.

Ben, racing at Phillip Island. Who said  Siberia was a difficult corner. Ben is just testing the track temperature.