Sunday, 18 August 2013

Motorcycle race bike preparation specialist

Although Ben loves classic motorcycles, he has spent a life time racing, servicing and repairing modern motorcycles. As a consequence he has learnt the tricks of the trade and can get the very best out of any customers motorcycle. 

Race bike setup is one of those areas which relies on years of experience and requires special skills and modern computerized equipment for fuel injected machinery.

Suspension setup, tyres and engine management, it is basically a matter of balance and budget. For many years Ben built, maintained and repaired the fleet of  Triumphs and  Suzuki's used by the a world renowned Australian/California Superbike School.

The TL1000R below is a 1998 model. The handling of these bikes are well below standard for the road let alone the race track. So even before we modify engine performance we upgrading the suspension and the basic geometry setup of the bike, taking into account the riders weight and racing ability.

Once this is done we then modify engine performance. Very good tuning can make a huge difference in engine performance. Getting valve clearances and throttle bodies balanced is a good start. Fuel mapping is an absolute necessity and is achieved by the addition of aftermarket devices like Power Commander or Dobeck TFI. These devices can be programmed to suit the racing application for each race track and its conditions on the day of racing.

Obviously many other modifications can be done, all is related to your personal budget.

Ben, racing at Phillip Island. Who said  Siberia was a difficult corner. Ben is just testing the track temperature.

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